collaborative project : Ariel Hassan & Felix Larreta.
    installation view from Personal Structures - Crossing Borders, Palazzo Bembo - Venice Biennale 2015 technical adviser & production: Luciano Carizza | IT: P Proverbio | Supported by Fundación M. E. Mitre, Derivative, GAGPROJECTS
    Conceived as a multi-sensorial space, Iterations From The Original Model is an investigation that brings together references of natural chaotic formations with the universal precision of mathematical principles. The work suggests a journey – an expedition into unexplored lands from unknown times, where psychoactive images and sound allow the viewer to dive around and within a space beyond thought, of meditation and communion. In the visual component of the work, chaotic images originating from incidental flows of paint have been transformed into topographical foci – two crystalline three-dimensional terrains of 1 x 1.618 m. Over these irregular landscapes, animations of the original images illustrate and illuminate the topology. Tones change and iterate within geometric sections that refract light over and across the valleys and mountains; the event invites visitors to explore the fundamental properties of an image that seems to exist without being fully revealed. The geometric tilings, like satellite scanning interpreting the terrain, provoke the viewer into a symbiosis with the work through its various stages and phases. These same movements activate atmospheric melodies that aim to conduct the visitor through a further dimension. Both images and sounds ebb, flow and follow as we approach the works. The music is concerned with psychoacoustic phenomena, but it is the private encounter between the visitors and the work, which triggers and generates it. The sound follows Phi through Fibonacci spirals held within a hyper-dodecahedron structure composed by software; each visitor activates a specific melodic spiral that perpetually moves, never repeating, hereby adding to the complexity and harmony of the encounter. The virtual fourth-dimensional space, much like an organism that can feel our presence, directs the visual-acoustic relation towards a place of intimate personal awareness.