REVERSAL OF CONTINGENCY INTO NECESSITY, 10 min, CGI, HD video, sound produced by RAVAU, 2016.

    Oikonomia, digital prints on paper, series of 30 images, print size 20 x 28 cm, 2016.

    Earth Melancholy—Walks on the Edge—Between Exception and Rule—Cold Wind on the Lips—Then Disappears, glass, dimension variable, 2016  

      GAGPROJECTS - 26.10.16—27.11.16   “The irremediable antagonism between desire and the excesses of permission seems to support those prophets like André Breton who, toward the end of his life, feared that by revealing and permitting all, we might end up depriving desire of its force.” J-C. Guillebaud.   Freedom, liberty, equality, power, desire, authority, oppression and submission ground Hassan’s new GAG exhibition. OIKONOMIA, a series of 30 works - the impetus of which started as a response to Goya’s Caprichos is formed from the defacement of photographic documentation of extreme sexual practices, absorbed in an abstract fluid system of painting to reveal unexpected images. Monstrous formations emerge as a result, out of the integral accident and our thirst for exposure and consumption - relationship occurring between total abstraction and rationality.   Showing concurrently, REVERSAL OF CONTINGENCY INTO NECESSITY is a large scale projection, a landscape devoid of human presence, a space outside our jurisdiction. The image is split in two perspective sections that fly away from each other, the structure acts as a proposition of opposite, possibilities of the same event – nihilism and morality, contingency and necessity. Separating the two planes are individual capital letters that systematically appear; if put together they form a passage from the Adjustment of Controversies by Zhuangzi.