• O.O.F.W.T.G.Z.O.P.E.R.

    [ORGANIC OCCURRENCES FORMING WITHIN THE GREY ZONES OF PRE-EXISTING REGIMES] b&w digital photographic prints [#1–10], 200 x 123.1 cm, 2014

    Aleatory images of fluid paint have been circumscribed within the proportions of the Fibonacci rectangle, and later dissected by its sections and by an arrangement of Lemoine’s geometric construction of the golden ratio. The geometric and organic sections come together to recompose the topology of an unknown territory, escaping definition; the sectioning affects the plasticity of the fixed image to form and deform further images within the complex maps and into our imagination.

    What we first see in these large photographs is only the surface of a much deeper ground, a virtual space where the point of view of the structure and that of the event, including the event of our viewing, converge. Thus the frame becomes a portal into the structure, into the environmental magic of the work, an access into a space of singularity far from discourse.

    These images behave as open components of an ever changing event. They are open to being, but nothing in particular, as they are proportioned within structures that can articulate and survive every answer. What we see therefore are not pictures of the imaginary, but contact images, irrational events captured within transitory moments represented in our time with a degree of fidelity.