Hassan's works are seeded by an aleatory act of painting, from where raw data is selected as complete yet disordered information to be reorganised. The juxtaposition of complex elements and minimal transformations which is staged, alludes to a universe unknown, bringing forward a dimension of ideological independence to suggests an opposition to the notion of self, identity or authorship.

The recursive fluid patterns, used in most of the works, deconstructed and re-assembled, take the particular into universal and back again; the intention is to re-examine the nature of the Image through a formula that goes beyond the mere appearance of abstraction or mimesis, to arrive at a new self referential system, a field that organises itself to describe particles of an absolute.

Traces of philosophy, science and poetry intertwine within each work; like suspended moment within a continuum, the proposition is that every possible combination of elementary particles occurs an infinite number of times, given infinite time.